Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August stuff

Poor Jack. We finally got him to make the "th" sound and now, all the "f's" are "th's". Oops.

"Mom, you have to get more bike gas 'cause my bike's goin' slow."

"Mom, did God made the sky?"

Jack now enjoys making up nonsense words, and his own songs. He was singing one as Leesha and I chuckled about it, and then announced; "That's it for today Leesha. No more songs."

is into "reading". She'll pull books out of the bin, or off the shelf, then proceed to open them up and babble away. She was even trying it with the egg cartons. I'm not sure what all is written inside, but she thought it was interesting.

"Puppy" is the word. I think at this point it means any- and every-thing.

We have a 1 gallon ice cream bucket in with their kitchen toys. She likes to put this on her head, and when I'm paying attention, I'll say; "Where's Maggie?" and she'll pull it off so I can say; "Peek-a-boo!" She did say "Beee" herself once too.

is on board with trying to potty train Maggie. She says she peed on the big potty today. I'm thankful for a big helper.

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