Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Princess Mommy"


"Urkel-ears" instead of "Hercules" the ant from his new "Toby" book. This led to me trying to explain to Leesha who Urkel was. Not as funny when you have to explain him.

"Leesha, don't run the air or the car will starve." That, after the van wouldn't start recently while we were on errands. I'd left the kids in the car with the air running.

Leesha: "Jack, how much do you love me?" Jack: "About 20."

We also got him to say "tthh-ree" instead of "free"! He sticks his tongue way out and curls it up for the "th" sound.

Before Christmas last year, I bought some marshmallow shooters at a craft fair. They're made from pvc pipes. Upon their rediscovery, Jack wanted to take them apart. They were the toy of the day and he loved making all sorts of guns, etc. He brought me some of his creations and told me one of them was a crown. He put it on my head and called me; "Princess Mommy".

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