Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maggity Mae

Maggie either doesn't like her diapers any more, or is just fascinated that she can take them off, even if they're on backwards. I'm going to have to start putting more clothes on her.
Of course, I am partially to blame because I am following through with my plan to let her go naked now that she's walking in an effort to see how early we might potty train her. She'll stand up and pee on the floor. I'll run over and try to get her on the potty (which she loves to sit on so long as I'm not making her). Last night, instead of a diaper, she was wearing undies. I was in the bathroom and she came in to observe. Then she proceeded to try taking off her undies to sit on the potty. She was wet. I have no idea if she's starting to "get it", or was simply "monkey see, monkey do"-ing. Either way, I think it's progress.

I do believe she's saying "hi" now. She'll also tell you what a Puppy-Dog says. If I'm playing with her and telling her that the horse says "neigh" as I shake my head, she'll sometimes shake hers too.

She's pretty good at standing up for herself and will cry out when Jack has dealt her an injustice. She'll hold on to whatever it is she has and still wants with great tenacity. (that was a vocab word from high school)

She threw a toy down the stairs recently, and Jack (who was downstairs) picked it up and threw it back in the kitchen. They continued this game for several minutes.

When I try to take pictures of her, she spots the camera and toddles over to "see" the image that I've usually failed to catch. To think that only a handful of years ago, we were still using film and they'd have to wait to see the pictures.

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