Sunday, August 15, 2010

A moment for Cara

I know, I know. You're thinking I actually had some significant time to myself that did not involve work or sleep as those are the two longest activities I do without the kids. But, no, this is just a reflection on a moment where I was simply Cara, and not mommy.

The house has been closing in on me with statements like: "Put a window in me!" "Make me a row of desks for a future classroom." "Move the kids furniture in here, and move all of yours downstairs." "Insert flat screened tv here" and the like. So, with another "day without Daddy" looming in front of me, I ventured out to the mall with the babies in tow.

First stop: Macy's. Simply because there is shaded parking and it's been hot. I walked into the mens department and was presented with a deal: Levi's for $32.99. Jeffry told me he wanted new jeans and these are a good price. I even seemed to remember that I had a credit at Macy's which would make them even cheaper. Score. I locate the rack of the baggiest ones I can find, which is hard, seeing as how so many people are wearing the "skinny" jeans - bad fashion choice, if you ask me, and would not suit my husband whatsoever. I find his size, and close the deal.

At dinner, I present my purchase. He thanks me and lets me know he'll try them on when the weather is more agreeable. That moment came after lunch today. I was sitting at the table, and he decided to try them on in the living room. I did note as he was putting them on that they didn't go on with the ease that most of his other clothes do. I had gotten a smaller waist size because I think he's lost weight and that he looks better when his clothes hang on him, not on his belt. Jeans on, my husband looks "fine". I remind him that they'll stretch out a bit. He asks if they look good, I respond with the best "come hither" nod I can muster. He asks; "So this is what people go through every day? Just to look good?" I start laughing despite the cheese I'm trying to eat. He continues: "So I should start doing that 'thing' with my hair?" and attempts the 'dry swirly' look Justin Bieber does. I continue laughing. As he takes them off, he suggests something about a boxer thong. And now I'm laughing again.

So, my wonderful husband, always and forever, thanks for the love and the laughter.

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