Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kid talk

From the basement where Leesha and Jack are playing (nicely for the time being, fingers crossed and holding breath) ... Jack in a sing-song-y voice; "Sir Topham Hat."

On the way home from church, Jeffry asked Jack what his remember verse was. Since I helped out in his room last week and knew it was the same from the time Leesha had helped out in his room, I started it out, and finally Jack did it on his own; "I can do all fings frough Christ who gives me strengf."

Moments later, he spotted something on a window and figured it was a bee. He told the bee to hang on tight. We didn't see a bee, so asked him where it was. "Where I'm pointing!" (I figure he's heard that from us.

Jack, narrating his own ball game; "1-zap, 2-zap."

For snack, he requested "Grant crackers" (graham crackers)

Maggie: "Wootsie baba." (no idea what that means, but figured I'd want to remember it someday.

She's also added "Hi." to her vocabulary and has a lot of fun pointing at stuff.

After talking about school and math, Mom to Leesha; "Leesha, I'm sorry life is a story problem."

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