Friday, August 7, 2009

4 weeks and counting

i'm not going to bother with caps and such tonight since i'm doing this one handed.

leesha has been a big help the last two days - mostly in just being nice to jack. yesterday, we met some others from our small group down at the lake by our house. leesha kept an eye on jack while he was on the playground and then in the water. it was highly amusing to see his diaper absorb a lot of water. today, grandma darlene came over and helped leesha sew some clothes for her doll.

jack is a bona fide (sp?) two year old. he cimbed up on the kitchen counter to get maggie's bottle yesterday, and started to climb up on his dresser today. today, he stayed dry from the time i took his night diaper on until just before bedtime minus naptime. before bedtime, i took his undies off because he'd gotten water on them. he went and chose a ew pair of undies, then another, and another and finally a fourth pair. then he wet all of them. FAIL on my part. after dinner tonight he wanted to give maggie some attention. she was sleeping in her carseat in the kitchen, and at one point, he said; "i love you margaret." when jeffry came in to the kitchen and hugged me, he told jack to look. jack came over and joined us.

maggie seeme to be gaining some baby fat and, in our opinion, seems to be getting cuter. her eyes are still very blue. i'm hoping for green, but blue will be cool too. she took a bottle from me yesterday after not liking one at all on sunday. she showered with me laast night and much preferred that to her first bath. unfortunately, the shower seemed to initiate cradle crap. i was hoping to avoid that with her. after our shower, she got her first blow dry. i'm no hairstylist.

guess thats it for now.

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