Sunday, August 23, 2009

The kids and more ...

It appears I have a few minutes to do some catch-up. Forgive me if I repeat previous blogs.

Maggie has had a few days where she hasn't take her long afternoon nap. Nerve wracking! After one day where she didn't take a good nap, she slept for 12 hours. Yes, she did eat a couple of times, but went right back to sleep. I did not complain, and am not complaining now.
Today seems to be better. I wonder if she's settling in. Eat, look around, fall asleep. (Shhh, don't tell her, but she's fallen asleep on her own, by herself three times today!) She's also spent some non-screaming time with dad. I think he likes it that she's beginning to think he's okay.
Her eyes are still very blue. She is definitely smiling now, and coos a little bit.

Jack pooped on the potty again! We made a big hullaballoo over it, but he hasn't gone for a repeat performance. I may attempt allowing him to "stew" in a dirty diaper for a while to help move this training along. Otherwise, we still have good and not-so-hot potty training days. I've been trying to stay around the house so he can run around in just a t-shirt, but we'll have to get him fully clothed at some point in the future. It has worked well this summer since I didn't get bigger shorts, just bigger shirts.
We disassembled his crib after he fell when climbing out. He now has loads of fun jumping on his mattress which is on the floor.
He is still pretty good with Maggie. When she's in the boppy on the floor, he likes to lay down with her. He did get her in the eye with an eating utensil the other day though. It looked painful. We're glad she's okay.
"Mom, looka my head!" When I walked back out to the dining room to see what he wanted me to see; he's got his plate on his head and is bobbing his head with his hands in a praying pose. Made me think of how one might have tried to portray an Asian person before we all went P.C. Honestly, I don't know where he got the idea.
After Maggie threw up the other day, he kept asking; "Wha happen to Maggie?" I would tell him she spit up. After a little bit, he'd say "Maggie spill out/over." Priceless!
We went to church last night and our friend Lara sat with us. She's in our small group. Jack adores both her and her husband Jon, and the feeling is reciprocated. Jack kept asking; "Lara, where's Jon?" Then, as Jeffry and I sat, stood or sang, Jack would keep Lara abreast of what she "needed" to be doing. "Lara, sing!" "Lara, sit down!" "Lara, stand up!"

Leesha has gotten to spend some time with a friend from school. She joined them at their cabin on Friday night. We're looking forward to seeing her this evening when her dad brings her back home. The Friday before, she got to go to a Twins game with family. While there, she caught up with a friend of hers that had also attended North Heights.

Jeffry's brother and family sold their house! Unfortunately, they're moving even further away than they already are. Big bummer!

We're dog-sitting again. Hazel is so well behaved. Leesha has been just great with her - taking her out on walks, putting her outside or in the basement to protect her from Jack's enthusiasm. Jack, like I just stated, LOVES "Haz-o". I've resorted to needing to physically remind him that he cannot pull her tail, ears, hair, or feet. He very much enjoys taking her out on walks and then informing us that "Haz-o make muckers on a grass. Mom put it in a trash."

Mom helped me run some errands on Thursday, then watched the kids in the afternoon, so I was able to go grocery shopping all by myself!
I took the little ones out yesterday afternoon just to get out of the house and give Jeffry some uninterrupted "me" time. When I got back, Jeffry and I fixed our garage door, but I think he already blogged about that.

I think that's all I've got.

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