Sunday, August 30, 2009

Free Peepee Oh

is Jack for C3PO!

In the car yesterday, Leesha and I were talking about something and he asked; "Da com?"  (  Words that weren't even in Leesha's vocabulary at this point in her life.

Jeffry is on a Pixies kick, and is often overheard singing the phrase; "My Veloria..."  The other night, as I was taking Jack on a walk, he said; "Daddy sing; "My Veloria"."

The other morning, I gave Jack a bath right after he got up.  As he was standing in the tub waiting for me to wash him, he started humming something from Star Wars.

Last night, I made him a quesidilla for dinner.  He wasn't excited about eating it and called  it a "quesidee dee ah" after only hearing the word  a couple of times that I know of.

This morning, I bleached my moustache.  When he looked at me, he stated; "Mom, you're wearing a walrus!"

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