Saturday, August 8, 2009

Smile horsey!

The little ones and I spent the day with Grandma Darlene. We went to the mall. Before we left the house, Grandpa Steve and Grandma Holly called. Jack talked to them for a little bit, and when we got off the phone, Jack wanted to be sure to say; "I love you!" Too bad they missed it.
On Thursday, Willis West came to celebrate Jack's birthday. When they neared our house, Simon stated; "Jack's house!" Impressive!
Before heading home again, after I'd fed Maggie, I swear she smiled. Precious. She's snuck them in while she's sleeping, but this was a fully awake and possibly intentional.
Last night, I got groceries and returned to the house at about 10:45 pm. Jeffry and I were watching an episode of Torchwood to end the evening. During the show, I wondered if I heard Jack crying. Jeffry went to check and found he wasn't, but did discover that he was sleeping on the floor. A few moments later, I was sure he was crying, so we both went upstairs. He was crying because of the storm. So, we spent a few moments comforting him before putting him back to bed. When Jeffry left, Jack asked him to close the door.
While at the mall, we took Jack to the play area. He was sitting on the horse ride when mom discovered a dirty diaper. It took some doing to get him cleaned up and in fresh clothes. A little bit later, I asked mom if we needed to clean up anything on the ride. She went back over and realized it was fairly dirty, so she told the mall janitor. Glad we discovered it before someone else did.

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