Monday, August 17, 2009

A few highlights

Wow, getting online to blog is hard.

A few things Jack has said over the last week or so:

Jack has discovered that he can peek out under his door, and he'll figure out who is in sight by their feet. One morning when I was up and in the kitchen, but he wasn't out of his room yet, he said; "It's not a tauntaun" stemming from last week's viewing of The Empire Strikes Back.

On Saturday morning, he was in the basement with Jeffry. He comes running up to ask me if he can watch a show. I tell him he needs to go ask dad, and he just as happily trotted off to do just that when Jeffry came into the room. So I asked Jeffry if he'd sent Jack to ask me about a show. He had. I wonder how long we could have kept him busy anticipating a show by telling him to go ask the other parent.

On Friday night, we went out to eat. At the restaurant, Jack would observe the other patrons and say things like; "Hey Guy."

I do not recall what I did yesterday, but it prompted the response; "What a big helper!"

Today's mammoth sentence; "Can I have a little bit of water?"

Leesha got to go to the Twins game with Grandma Darlene, Uncle Craig and cousins Nathaniel and Aaron on Friday. On Saturday, she went to the YMCA with a friend from church. Today, she's at the home of a friend from school. I think this has been the busiest summer for her that I can remember. I hope she's having fun.

Maggie has had a couple of days where she simply does not stay asleep for long enough naps. It's amazing how much I need her to nap. I have really been beside myself at the end of those days. Yesterday was such a day. She finally stayed asleep at 11pm. I fed her a couple of times, but she didn't really wake up until 11am. Must have been tired, just like I was telling her all afternoon yesterday.

Shortly after we got home from church yesterday, Hazel came over for a 10 day visit. Jack is nuts about her, and was a handful for us. With Maggie not sleeping, and Jack being so very difficult, we were all worn out by the time he went to bed. Leesha was such a huge help in taking Hazel out (on her own accord), holding Maggie or helping with other little things. This morning, when I got up, Leesha had taken Hazel out already. I love seeing this responsibility.

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