Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maggie's muckers

The next post by Cara precedes this one, or most of it does.
For Small Group last night, we went to one of our group member's homes and worked on some landscaping. Jack got rather dirty in the process, so when we arrived at the house, he went straight into the tub. Once he was done, I was heading into his room with him to get him ready for bed. Jeffry was on the way from his room to the bathroom with Maggie. She had pooped and some of the poop had evaded the confines of her diaper, so she needed a bath now. We swapped children. I usually just rinse the bottom half of Maggie off if she needs a washing, or else I take her in the bath or shower with me. (she prefers showers) As I was rinsing her off, I managed to tip her head the wrong way and got some water in her nose. Poor little girl, she got and gave quite a scare.

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