Friday, August 28, 2009

More Jack-isms

On Tuesday, Eric came over with glow sticks. Jack and Keane each got one and we called them their "light sabers". They called them their "light savers".

Yesterday, Leesha pulled out her pink stuffed poodle. Jack called it a "toodle".

He and Leesha have already begun the sibling bickering. He now knows to say; "I no/not do any-fing!"

Last night, we were at my cousin's house for dinner. Jack was eating ice cream. He put a really big scoop in his mouth and I warned Kara and Jeffry (who were sitting on either side of Jack) that it might be coming back out. But he struggled through it with a pained look on his face, then turned to dad crying. First brain freeze - gotta love it.

The inevitable body discovery has occurred since he spends so much time running around naked. In past days, he's asked; "Is this my penis?" "Can I play my penis?" Then, this morning, he asked me where mine was.

We got some back-to-school shopping done yesterday. $77 for school supplies - for one child! Ouch! She got her first Aeropostal shirt and pair of DC shoes as well as some other things. Jack and Maggie were good for the whole excursion. It was really nice to have moms help with everything too.

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