Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jack was gently shaking Maggie's hand the other day saying; "Graduations."

The other morning, when Jack got up, he was informing me from his room; "I got butt rash. I need butt goo." Strangely enough, he didn't want me to change him for quite some time. I finally got tired of it and asked him if he wanted to splash in the tub. That got him moving.

Leesha's friend Catie came for a sleepover last night. Jack kept calling for "K-I-80". That must be her code name.

Maggie's doing it again - falling asleep by herself. Good girl! She seems so big for just 7 weeks - well, tomorrow she'll be 7 weeks.

Leesha is busy cleaning her room. I'm sure it will look lovely in a little bit.

Yesterday, Jeffry didn't have work, so he was able to go with us to Leesha's new school - Skyview Community School in Oakdale district. A nice facility. She'll have about 260 in her grade, with a class size of about 33. We're hoping that all goes well.
I did talk to her principal at North Heights to let him know she wasn't returning. A very sad moment. (I swallowed hard at least once trying to retain tears.) I guess I always figured this would happen when she was done with 8th grade.
It will be a nice breather for us to not have the tuition payment, and the commute (approximately 30 minutes 1 way, so 2 hours per day). But, we will really miss the school. I'm thankful for 6 years there, that I'll be able to stay as a sub and that Leesha is welcome to visit any time.

A new chapter ... pray for Leesha and I as we "plug in" in Oakdale, because I intend to be an involved parent. Can we say dance chaperone?

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