Thursday, January 21, 2010


Feeling under the weather yet again, I intentionally have a very short "to do" list today. Blogging is not on it, but I think I can spare a few minutes .....

Maggie woke up during dinner the other night and I brought her out to join us. I think she's more sensitive to the light than Jack was, and we enjoy watching her try to adjust to lighted areas after she's woken up. Jack noted her struggle and tried to shield her eyes from the light. (Awww.....)

Moments later as I was nursing her, her cold hand touched my stomach and I made a strange noise. Jack asked why, so I told him that Maggie's cold hand had touched my stomach. He then took her other hand and tried to move it away from me. I hope his tendency to be considerate never changes.

Today, Jack brought Maggie some toys after she'd finished her breakfast (oatmeal goo and avocado - yum!). I told him that I wanted to clean her up first, so he went and got a wet wipe and started wiping her hands.
Later, when she spit up a bit, he went and got a wipe again and started to clean her up.

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