Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls and boy

The girls:
Maggie has mostly mastered sitting. And now army crawling. One of our neighbors stopped over last night and thought she was waving. Guess the Omegas I took during my pregnancy did some good.

Leesha is 12. Wow.

The boy:
"'S not boogers, 's snot." Whatever you call it Jack, it's now on the table. Ick.

More on that subject: While running errands, I took a few minutes to feed Maggie in the van. I sat next to Jack. He started picking his nose. I asked; "What are you looking for?" "Boogers." "Did you find any?" "Up dere and dere and dere."

Jack announced the other day; "I'm in time out." I asked why. "I push Maggie over." I asked Jeffry and Leesha if they'd put him in time out and they said no. He exiled himself to time out.

"Rice creepies" instead of Rice Krispies.

"Wha's dis s'posed tabee do?" (What is this supposed to be do?)

"Mom, look at my body!" as he's face-down in Maggie's saucer.

"That be great!" (That'd be great!) echoing what he hears from me sometimes.

The other night; "Jack, what pajamas would you like to wear?" Jack: "My utility belt ones." referring to his Batman pajamas from Grandpa Steve and Grandma Holly. They got them because of an earlier post in which I mentioned that I told Jack he needed to stop running and he replied; "No, I'm Batman. I needa run" or something like that.

Jeffry has a hard time reading books to Jack because they put him to sleep. Yesterday afternoon, he was reading to Jack, and fell asleep. Jack did not know that Dad had fallen asleep and asked; "What happens on the next page?" which woke Dad up.

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