Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kids and Dora

Grandpa David came over the other night and shared with us the stories he'd written to Cousin Caelyn for her birthday.
He told about a time he was riding his bicycle very fast and ran over a kid (of the baby goat variety). The other story was about when he wore his slingshot around his neck, with the wood hanging against his chest. While romping with his buddy, his friend pulled the slingshot and dad told him; "Let go!" His friend obliged and dad got whalloped on the forehead with the wood.
This morning, Jack asked; "What happened to Grandpa's bicycle?" and later; "What happened to Grandpa's eyes?" These inquiries stemming from conversations around the stories.

After his nap, I was hanging out with the babies on the nursery floor. Jack went and got Maggie's baby doll for her - oh, how sweet. Later, Jeffry was telling him that Maggie was his little sister, and he's have to look out for her and take care of her. Jack went and got another toy for Maggie and gave it to her - almost as though he'd actually understood Jeffry.

This just in; "Mom, I'm working songs on my iPod phone." "Tell Jack when to stop." "My favorite song. This is D D Dora." To Maggie; "Want to listen to D D Dora?"

Last week, I worked every day and had a sitter from church come be with the babies. This Monday, the kids went to be with Grace and Charlie. I told Jack that I'd be home for a few days, then Uncle Eric is going to come be with them on Friday so I can work. Since I mentioned Eric, Jack asks if he's here just about every time there's a transition - waking up, dad coming home, etc.

So, enough about Jack .... let's see what the girls are up to ....

Leesha did some testing at school the last couple of days. From what she's said, she's gotten very high scores. We're in the midst of making birthday plans for her 12th on the 23rd. There's an All School Party on the 22nd, so I've suggested she bring a few friends over after school, then we can take them all to the party. That way she'll get to do a little celebrating with friends here at our house. We'll also try to plan something with Grandpa David whose birthday is on the 20th.

Maggie is an expert roller. She's also managing to get around - literally. We can put a circle of toys around her on the floor, and she'll make her way around to them. It's amazing how she can move without actually crawling. Sitting should be up on her list of accomplishments soon. Although she can sit, it's a matter of sitting without the occasional nose-dive that will consider it an accomplishment. We've tried her in the Johnny Jump Up which she enjoys a whole lot. She's working on cutting teeth, but seems to be taking her time about it. It seems that solid foods are not quite as unpleasant as she originally thought. We'll put cereal in mesh feeders and let her gnaw on those. Her "new tastes" also include; green beans, lima beans, peas and squash.

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