Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Jack-ism's and more

To Maggie: "You wan' a toy? I be right back." and he toddled off to get her some toys.

"Let's get a wet wipe. Mom, Maggie spit on my rug. What she do?"
"She spit up."
"She spit down."

"Welcome and share your life." ????????

Mom to Jack; "You crack me up."
Jack to Mom: "No wan' crack you up."

I got up at 6 to go grocery shopping this morning at Rainbow. I was one of very few customers, so the employees were having a bit of fun. Halfway through my shopping, one of them tells me; "Ma'am, we can't allow you in here with those Cub boxes." referring to the boxes I take with me to bring the groceries home, so I don't collect bags. Since I have taken Jeffry's Superman sweatshirt again, and was wearing that, one of the other employees asked; "So, is it Super-Mom, Super-Woman, .. What?" I replied; "All of the above."

"Hey Leesha, I helping mom clear the table."

Upon discovering that his jeans had torn at the knee; "My pants are broken, see my leg."

"Mom, I touch Dad's game book and I'm sad." (I suspect this is because he feels guilty.)

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