Sunday, January 3, 2010

Don't Take the Game Book Away

Dad is home with Jack and Maggie and they're down for naps. Maggie is out sleeping pretty hard. Jack is trying to take a nap... or he's trying not to, actually. He laid down with an old D&D gaming module I let him look at which he calls the gaming book. He says the pictures of the goblins are Yoda. As I'm washing dishes he opens his bedroom door and says "It's open". Yes it is, now go back to bed or do you want me to help you go do bed. So I go in there and cover him up and tell him- if you get up again I'm going to take the game book away.

About 20 minutes later in this quiet house I hear his little feet patter near the top of the stairs. I push my chair away from the desk and he hears that noise. I hear his feet make for the bedroom. As I come up the stairs he starts crying and saying "don't take the game book away!, don't take the game book away!" I enter his room, cover him up and give his head a kiss. He starts to cry very heavily DON'T TAKE THE GAME BOOK AWAY!" I take the game book and close the doors leaving him to take his nap. I didn't say a word. I left him crying as if I scolded the kid. He pretty much scolded himself.

Now, by the time I've finished this post he is silent. Is he sleeping?... I don't know about that.

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