Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall funnies

Mom: "Jack, do you want to go on some errands with me in a little bit?"
Jack: "So Dad can stay home and rest?"
Mom: "Yeah."
Jack: "No. You can go with Maggie. She's a kid."

At dinner:
Jack: "You and Leesha have big chests. Maggie and me have li'l chests."
Mom: "What about Daddy? Does he have big chests or little chests?"
Jack: "Big chests."

Jack likes to get into my purse or bag and pull out things like my calculator or chap-stick. Upon noticing he'd pulled out my fingernail file, I asked him to please put it back. He informed me: "My fingernails are wrong." (I don't know if he meant "long" or that something was not right)

Maggie has figured out how to say: "Shooo" with her lips all pursed like she's going to give someone a kiss. Jack pronounced it "schew".
I believe I heard the equivalent of "kitty" too.

Maggie enjoys taking the Little People toys out of the smaller basket and placing them one by one into the attic window of the Little People house. I end up dumping the toys out of the house about once a day, if not more.

She has finally started cutting a molar. Woohoo! Molars mean I don't have to make too much more baby food. Without molars, she can't chew veggies easily, so I've still been pureeing them.

Lunch discoveries:
if you bite a Cheeri"o" in half, you get two "c's"
Cheerios are round, so are marbles. But we call marbles "spheres".

Leesha had to get a report of her grades in order to keep playing volleyball. She got all S's for satisfactory, and one "A". She noted that the "A" was right in the middle, and that with that, it spelled "ass". We laughed about it, then I pointed out that it actually spelled "ssass" which was a bit more appropriate.

She had her first All School Party the other night. We told Jack to ask her if she danced with any boys. He performed his duty well. Her response: "I danced with my friends, and some of them danced with boys."

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