Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Questions and more questions

In the car: "Mom, that van doesn't have Minnesota (I didn't catch the last word)." I looked around us, and there was a van with dealer plates vs. Minnesota plates.

Playing with Leesha: "Let me won now." "It's my turn to won now." Because she kept saying; "I won."

"Mom, Maggie did make muckers!" as she's standing and allowing him to look into the back of her diaper.

At the dinner table, Jack tells Leesha that Ben dressed like her. She didn't understand, so I asked him what he was telling her. He relayed that Ben wore a green shirt and dressed like Leesha. I asked if he was talking about our friend Ben who is married to Emily. No, not that Ben. I asked if it was someone at church. Nope. So then I asked where he saw this Ben, and gathered from his answer that he was referring to our neighbor Ben. We went to Ben's house last night to Trick-or-Treat. Ben was wearing a Miami Dolpins jersey. It may have been a Dan Marino jersey. Leesha's last name is Moreno.
How does he put this stuff together?

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