Saturday, October 9, 2010

Score ... for Leesha!

Leesha served 10 points in a row at her volleyball game on Oct. 5th!

Some time ago, I started a blog and lost it. I found it in my other blog (What is the Willis Household Eating Now?) Here's the one thing I forgot when I re-wrote it;

While hopping around the house, Jack termed it: "frogging along".

Meanwhile, Maggie's newfound joy is climbing up on the table. So far, this venture has not resulted in any injuries, save for her feelings when taken down and put on the floor.

Jack has grown bored. He really ought to be in preschool, but my schedule is too erratic. So, I may have to step up to the plate and start doing some home-preschool-ing. Anyone have a "Hooked on Phonics" preschool edition they're looking to get rid of?

Jack's new word: "starving". It can also mean "freezing".

A new Jack-ism: "Look, I'm playing the heart!" as he runs his fingertips across the railings on the playground equipment. I'm guessing he meant "harp".

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