Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maggie toots

Sweetest words: I gave Maggie a cookie and all on her own, she said; "Day tchoo" (thank you). How precious!

Maggie and I were cuddling after her nap. She tooted. I said; "Oh, did you toot?" She stood up and looked underneath her wondering what she'd done.

Not too long after that, she tooted again. I again mentioned it and she tottled off to the bathroom. We got the potty set up and put her on it. She didn't do anything, but I think she's at least putting things together.

After our trip to the Dr. for Maggie's 15 mo. checkup, we stopped at home where I changed and got the kids in the stroller to take a walk. While I was changing, Jack climbed into the stroller and managed to tip it over right by the van where he hit his head on the van. A nice bruise sprang up right between his eyebrows. About 45 minutes later, we were at a playground where Jack was pushing Maggie in the swing. He decided he was done and started walking towards the swing. Maggie swung right into him, hitting him in the face a second time. Ouch!

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