Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh, the joys of Jack

We went to the thrift store for a plaid shirt, then to the Dollar Tree for a small hatchet which just happened to come with a whistle, crowbar(?), and badge. Jeffry was explaining about the badge and that those who wear them can say; "You're under arrest!"
First, Jack misunderstood "badge" and referred to it as a "bad".
Second, after donning the badge, he in formed me: "You're gonna rest!"
I responded; "It's 'You're under arrest."
Jack: "You're undressed!"

"Captain logs, stardate 29 ..."
Guess what show Jeffry and Jack are currently into?

Jack is currently relating stories from "When I was in College ....".

1 comment:

Cara Willis said...

Days later:
"Mom, they don't use badgers to say 'You're under arrest."

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