Thursday, September 3, 2009

2 year old "conversation"

Keane came over today to play with Jack while his dad got some stuff done. Keane had a runny nose. After observing Keane's dad wipe Keane's nose, Jack realized how this works and shortly afterwards said; "Keane need a tissue." Jack went to the bathroom to get some toilet paper and then stated; "I got a tissue for you Keane" and wiped his nose. Later, he informed anyone who was willing to listen; "Keane got a runny nose." The trip to the bathroom, wiping Keane's nose and throwing the t.p. in the toilet was repeated many times.
On a smilar note, while standing face to face, Jack said; "Keane, you got a booger ova dere?"

While they were playing, I took the opportunity to blow dry my hair, and try to get some of my natural curl tamed down by using curlers. The boys thought that was great. Jack wanted curlers in his hair, but alas his buzz cut won't allow. Keane has longer hair and Jack thought it was fun to place the velcro curlers on Keane's head because they actually stuck for a little bit. When Keane tired of watching me put curlers in my hair, Jack found him and said; "Let's go see Mommy." and "Look what Mommy doin'."

At some point, I had Jack apologize to Keane. Jack: "Keane, I so sorry."

Jack has a book that stated; "SUVs drive on rocky roads." So, today while he was playing with his Little People wheelchair, I overheard; "Keane, I gotta drive rocky roads."

When Keane woke up from his nap, Jack said; "Keane, I missed you!"

At lunch: Leesha: "Are you a zone warrior?" Jack: "I'm not a zoing warrior."

Jack to Keane: "You okay bud?"

Much later in the day, after a conversation with his cousin Simon, Jack asked; "Can I talk to black Simon?" We're trying to figure out the "black" part.

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