Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Keane came over on Wednesday. While he was with us, I noted the following:

Jack sang much of Baby Beluga to him when he showed off his stuffed beluga.

Jack was looking at "Goodnight Gorilla" and did the page that has all the "Goodnight's" just like I do it.

At one point, Keane was upset and went into the living room where he stood by the couch crying. Jack went and copied him after a few minutes. He must have been thinking it was the thing to do.

Maggie is in the midst of figuring out how to make her bouncy seat make music on the setting where she can make that happen.

Once the boys were up from their naps, I took them outside for a little bit. I told them to put their crocs on. Jack put his on, and Keane got his, but didn't put them on. In his eagerness to get outside, Jack asked Keane; "Can I show you put 'em on Keane?"

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