Saturday, September 19, 2009


Jack was playing with a wonderful book that Auntie Caryn gave him. It is a cloth counting book with bits of velcro or pouches to attach various numbers of hearts, butterflies, mushrooms, etc. He was playing with it while I showered this morning. At one point, he must have wanted to put the fish in his pockets, but realized he didn't have any pockets in his undies. So, he decided he needed to wear shorts. He pulled some out and put them on (backwards, of course) and put the fish in his pocket. Then he came and told me he had fish in his pockets.
Then, he kept mentioning "muscles" which I couldn't figure out until I saw the mushrooms. A simple, but cute mis-pronunciation.

To the motorcyclists beside us at the stop light: "People, you need'a wear a helmet."

On the way home from church, Jeffry was revving up the engine and then letting the clutch out. Jack kept saying: "Daddy rem if'a car!"

I got him some slippers the other weekend. When he put them on the other morning, he called them "keelapers" instead of "slippers".

Just moments ago, he was putting his slippers on. I asked if he needed help. He replied; "No. I needa help by myself."

Maggie is such a happy and content baby. When we make the time to have some one-on-one with her, she coos up a storm. So sweet.

Leesha was having a lot of fun playing with both of them tonight after dinner. It's great to see her interacting nicely with Jack and Maggie.

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