Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pacifiers and photos

Driving the other day, I asked Jack; "You being silly?"
He replied: "Yes. I being silly."

Jack got a towel that has a hood in the center of it. The hood has a lion's face on it. Since it drapes over his head much like "ghost" costumes, when he was wearing it and trying to climb up on the couch, he was having difficulty, so said; "I need help 'if a' (with the) couch."

We went to the oulet mall in Albertville on Saturday. Jack kept calling it : "Eberbale" (Albertville)

The kids both went in to the Dr. on Wednesday last week. Jack had his 2 year checkup and Maggie was in for her 2 month. Both got shots. I realized it was not a good idea to take both kids in by myself when they're both getting shots. Both did fine during the routine stuff. Jack kept the Dr. hopping with his curiosity. Jack got a finger poke for lead teasting, then 2 other shots. Maggie got a total of 3 pricks as well. Poor little girl, she really cried.

While actually getting some Maggie-n-me time, Maggie was cooing. Then she vocalized a higher decible and startled herself. Very cute.

Yesterday, we met my brother and his family at their apartment for lunch. Maggie made some not-quite-feminine noises. A bit later, I went to give her her pacifier which was underneath her. As I pulled it out, "something" dripped out of it. We kept the explosive poop fairly contained - thanks to the pacifier.

Jack got quiet while I was showering today, so I asked him what he was doing. I didn't understand it the first couple of times; "I take a smile." Translation: "I've gotten the digital camera down and am looking through the pictures." I'm not sure how he figured out how to turn it on and scroll through the photos, but he did.

Jack adked Jeffry the other day; "Daddy, can I give you kiss?" Jeffry gave him a kiss, but not on the lips. Jack said; "No, do dis." and kissed him on the lips.

This morning, Jack asked if I had an owie while looking at my leg. I told him I'd hit my leg on a table the other night and now have a bruise. Just moments ago, I asked Jack to go get some T.P. to wipe his nose. He went and got it, wiped his own nose, then started wiping the bruise on my leg. He called it a "caboose".

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