Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yet more Jack-isms

To Maggie when she was fussing on the floor; "Do you need some dawa?" (Dawa means medicine in Kiswahili.)

To someone at some point; "Do you understand?" Guess he hears that a lot.

How he says "beautiful":"Beaut'ful" or "Beau'ful"

While laying on the floor next to Maggie; "Jesus died for me, died for you, died for mom. pants. Die for my pants. Die for Maggie's pants. Jesus, something or another, amen. Maggie, amen."

After hurting Leesha somehow; "Sawwy Leesha. You okay bud?"

At some random point: "Hi Super Readers!" (Something from a PBS show.)

"What's wrong Humpty Dumpty?"

"Rubber band-aid" not rubberband

"May I have my 'lo'lo?" "I don't know where it is." "It's up dere, I fink."

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