Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess he's listening

I put something away in the fridge, and since Jack was standing where the door would close, I asked him to close it. He said; "Mom, I'na see beggies carbs in fridge." (Mom, I want to see veggies and carbs in the fridge). I will stand in the kitchen and say; "Okay, we've got carbs, veggies, fruit, dairy, protein."

Yesterday, he'd run to do something saying; "I be right back." Then return and announce; "I came right back!"

I overheard him saying; "So 'mazing."

Maggie was in the nursery for the first time on Sunday. I went to collect her and they looked at me like; "The room is empty, they've all been picked up." When I mentioned that she was the little tiny one, they said; "Oh yeah! She's been sleeping the whole time" and pointed to her in a bouncy seat at the back of the room covered with a blanket.

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