Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lollipops and locations

Yesterday, while I was in the kitchen, Maggie was fussing a little bit. To try to pacify both of us, I was nicely saying; "Maggie, what's your problem?"
Jack copied me by asking; "Maggie, what's your ploblem?"

When Jack woke up this morning, we had the following conversation ...
"Where's Daddy?"
"Daddy is at work."
"Where's Leesha?"
"She's at school. Where's Jack?"
"Wite here." as he pointed to himself.

This afternoon, both babies went to the Dr. Jack got a lollipop. He was asking me what it was. Since we call pacifiers "suckers" I decided to go with "lollipop". He figured it was "Wollipop."
After he nap, when he found it on the counter, he asked; "Mommy, what's this? Blee blee blee."

The rest of the evening was rather hellish. Jack was hungry, and possibly sore. When Maggie woke up during dinner, she too was hungry and possibly sore from her shots. Both babies were screaming and difficult to comfort. Both Jeffry and I were beside ourselves. Poor Leesha got lost in the shuffle a bit.

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