Thursday, September 10, 2009


First 10 word combination that I've recorded: "Mom, I got a bug bite on my apple cheek."

Jack somehow got injured getting into Maggie's bouncy seat this afternoon. He came over to me and said; "Mom, I got hurt. Mom, will you kiss my butt?" So, I lean down and put my cheek to his cheek and made a kiss sound. He says; "No mom, over here." and displays the other cheek. I laughed as I tried to fool him again, but he grabbed me by the hair. Ha ha ha ha ha

Jeremy came to spend some time with Leesha this afternoon. When she got home, she was a bit out of sorts. So, we sat down on the couch and talked about it. Turns out she was tired, hungry and missing her friends from NHCA. She'd tried to call them yesterday, but they were at volleyball practice. Bummer for her. The highlights of our conversation include; we talked about inviting new friends over here to do crafts, baking, etc. Also, it was the first time I remember where we actually seemed to have a real friend-type conversation.

I get to work tomorrow! So, I really ought to have been in bed an hour ago, but wanted to note this last memory. The other night, I checked on Jack like we usually do. He was totally zonked, and I adjusted him or put his blanket on him. Despite being half asleep, he still said; "Gank you."
How sweet is that?

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