Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yesterday, Leesha came home from school upset because she had 2 missing assignments in Math which brought her grade down to a D. She didn't want to re-do the work, but probably wouldn't be pleased if the D stuck. I emailed her teacher to let her know we'd support whatever she decided Leesha needed to do. The teacher wrote back saying the grade report was wrong and Leesha actually has a B. What a relief!

Last night, Maggie went through another of her "fits" where she just screams uncontrollably. I knew she was tired, but she didn't fall asleep for at least an hour. We were so relieved when she finally did. That was about 11:30 last night. It's almost 9am now and she hasn't woken up. I even tried pumping which usually means she wakes up just as I finish. Poor little gal, just plumb tuckered.

When Jack went to bed last night, Small Group was still going on. This morning, when he woke up, he said something about "Blankie back." He's been waking up and calling for me to come and put his blanket back on his back. I asked if he wanted me to put his blankie on his back, and he said; "No, Jon put a blankie on back." (Jon is in our Small Group.) I told him that Jon had gone home and was probably at work. He went out to check, and then decided I could do it. Later, he asked; "Jon go to work with his flip flops?"

Eating the other day; "Dat taste like good!"

On the way to Mom and Dad's this morning; "I like a wallypop."

Moments ago: "Reepunzle, Reepunzle, let down ye hair."

Leesha had to be picked up from school today because she wasn't feeling good. Good thing Jeffry got off of work early and was able to pick her up and be at home with her.

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